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FallFury is an open source 2D game for Windows 8. You are playing as a bear that falls down from the sky, collecting buttons, avoiding obstacles and fighting monsters.

This project demonstrates the capabilities of Windows Store hybrid applications, leveraging both the power of DirectX and XAML. It also supports an extensible level model, where developers can adjust the character behavior and the item sets by modifying specially designed XML files.

If you want to play the game, download FallFury from the Windows Store Marketplace!

Download Source


  1. Introduction
  2. Shaders
  3. Basic Rendering and Movement
  4. XAML Interop
  5. Creating Levels
  6. Rendering Level Elements
  7. Animations
  8. Element Interactions
  9. Particle System
  10. Charms
  11. Hardware Testing & Debugging
  12. Conclusions

If you want the entire series in a PDF, we have that too!




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